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Fort Edmonton Park and a Surprise for my Sweetheart


After dropping Diane off late after the games party on Saturday (which was excellent), I headed home and got a little bit of sleep before a big day on Sunday! It was Diane’s surprise birthday/graduation party and it was my job to try and distract her while the appropriate arrangements were made in the park.

Also, one of my friends from high school who is now living in Montreal is back to visit for a couple of weeks. So we plotted and planned and decided to take Diane to Fort Ed to spend some time at the Aboriginal days event they were holding there.

It was pretty fun – I haven’t been to fort ed as a tourist for quite awhile, so it was cool to go and wander around looking at all the old things. We had a couple of questions answered like why there were polar bear skins on some of the beds … and it turns out that Edmonton was a major hub for the entire northwest fur trading – so while polar bear skins weren’t common, they did come through on occasion. Neat!

We made some bannock at one booth, which is something I haven’t done a couple years – mmm … bannock :) And pretty soon it was time to take Diane back “home for dinner”. We drove into the park and I was surprised just how many people her mom was able to get out to celebrate the occasion. It was pretty cool!

I got introduced to a whole bunch of people, and I must say that while I really do have trouble remembering people’s names and faces, I do remember being very proud to be introduced as Diane’s “new guy”. =D. One lady even said she “saw sparks” … oooh sparks!

So the party was a rousing success, with lots of people coming and going. We started a game of ultimate frisbee later in the evening and that was really fun. Afterwards, a few of us went to red robin to have a snack and hang out a little longer. Overall it was a very cool event. I think (hope) that Diane had fun :)


Condo Papers go to Land Titles


Well, the lawyer called on Wednesday morning asking me and my dad to come in and sign some paperwork for the transfering of the land title to my name. He also needed the money for the downpayment in the form of a bank draft. This set off a quick flurry of activity to get the funds in place so that we could order the bank draft as soon as possible. The trouble was that if we didn’t get the bank draft in to him as soon as we could then there was the possibility that the papers wouldn’t get through land titles in time meaning the money from the bank wouldn’t come in time and thus meaning I would have to pay rent to the owners of the condo at a rate of $24 a day. Ewwww.

That stuff is all settled now, and now I’m just packing boxes in preparation of the big move! I’m really getting excited now :)


Another Successful PSO Promotion


The poker rewards continue to come in for me! Last night I finished up the requirements for yet another PSO promotion at Poker Rewards. I deposited $400 to max out the %50 bonus they were offering. During the time that I played those hands, I won $57 and now will be cashing out a total of $657 when I get home tonight. Not bad for a week worth of playing poker huh?

Not to mention the fact that I’m getting another 6000 points towards purchasing a new 19″ LCD monitor at Bestbuy! I need 32000 points to get $400 in Canadian Best Buy gift certificates … this latest installment of points brings me up to just shy of 24000 – so I’ve got a little ways to go yet!

Hooray for PSO and its awesome promotions!


Double Date


Well its been a long time coming, but finally Diane and I managed to steal JR and Shelly away for a double date. We’ve been trying (though not very hard, I must admit) to get everyone together to do it for over a year, and finally we managed to find a day and actually do it.

We went to Sam Wok for dinner which is a really good chinese restaurant. Not only is the food really good, but it doesn’t cost all that much either – a good combination! After that we ventured over to say hi to Leah and get some ice cream at the Marble Slab. This ice cream place is nuts – they make their ice cream fresh in store, and then roll it out on a marble slab mixing in one type of fruit or candy into it. Then they plop it into a waffle cone or a bowl for you and you get some of the best tasting ice cream I think I’ve ever had.

Mmmmm… ice cream. I think I’m going to have to go back there. Which could be dangerous. Or perhaps Dangeresque.

After ice cream, we went to JR’s place where we watched indiana jones. All in all, a nice relaxing evening … and really, who can complain with that?


Condo Update


So I called my real estate agent yesterday and I finally know my posession date for my new condo! July 4th is the magical day that I take posession and I have an elevator slot booked for moving in between 1 and 5pm on July 5th. Hooray!

Now I’ve got to make phone calls to all the utility companies so I can get power, cable and telephone hooked up. How exciting!


Whose Line in Edmonton!


For awhile, the only TV show I watched was the improv show “Whose line is it anyway?” that generally promised a great deal of amusement put into a half hour TV show. So when my friend Kepi told me he had an extra ticket to cast of whose line coming to Edmonton, I jumped at the opportunity.

Its really cool to see these guys live after seeing so many episodes of whose line on TV. The entire cast was there except for Wayne Brady and Drew Carey. The evening was fast paced and its really difficult to remember any of the specific jokes that were the funniest. Perhaps the most amazing point in the evening was the last game before the encore where they did the “greatest hits” game. The songs were a lot longer than the ones on the show in part because there were three singers this time around. The amazing thing was that the songs they sang could probably have been recorded and passed off as the real thing. They certainly are good at making stuff up on the spot!

So it was a very lovely evening and I quite enjoyed it. I haven’t laughed for two hours for awhile now so that was nice :)


Priority Golf Tournament


Saturday was Priority Printing’s 9th annual texas scramble golf tournament (Priority is the company my dad works for). Since my mom was not able to play (taking my sister to harp gigs), I took her spot in the tournament.

For those unfamiliar with the format, texas scramble tournaments are run in a style that is meant to make the game fun and exciting even for players who do not play regularly. Each player tees off like normal, but then the team decides to pick one of the balls as the one they like the best and everyone moves their ball that way and hits from there. A slight strategic twist happens when the tournament requires that each team takes three initial drives from each player. The format allows players who are not skilled at golf or who are inconsistent like me to have a competitive chance to win. Plus, its a lot more fun to be able to make par on a hole or even the occasional birdie because a player on your term makes a fortunate shot or two :)

Our team consisted of my dad and I along with two others that I had just met that day – Guy and Joane. My dad and I aren’t all the great, but Guy is a really good golfer which would definitely work to our advantage. The weather was looking like it might rain on us, but we started up anyways and had a lot of fun. There really was only one amazingly good shot I made … on one of the front nine holes, I made a full 9-iron stroke that not only landed on the green, but it was less than 6 inches from the hole. Amazing! We birdied that hole! Other than that, I was pretty rusty (since the last time I had golfed was last year sometime) so I struggled with my drives all day and was lucky to get my 3rd good drive on the 18th hole.

We finished with even par as our score which we were really happy with. Not only that, it was good enough to win the tournament! That was pretty cool. As a prize, I got a book on Wayne Gretzky that was signed by Al Hamilton (a former Edmonton Oiler who’s number 3 was retired in the last couple years).

It was a pretty cool day that’s for sure!


PSO new promos!


PSO announced two new promos yesterday, and its pretty exciting.

The first of the two promos is the big one … Noble Poker. I started playing at this site through a link from PSO because they were offering a gigantic bonus of 100% of your initial deposit up to $500. PSO has decided to make the noble poker promotion a full normal promotion where you can get a set of free poker chips, or a free poker table, or free gift certificates or … What’s better is the deposit bonus has improved to 100% match of up to $800. Crazy! The bonus money seems to be a tad bit harder to clear than before, but the competition at the site is certainly fairly weak and the bonus is really profitable. To give you an idea how I’ve done so far, I still have $120 of my bonus money to clear but my account is well over $1100 – and I only deposited $490.

PSO is being nice to those of use who did the no-promo link from them. They are giving each of us one of the standard promo gifts in a retroactive motion and I am really appreciative of that! So I’ll take my 6000 PSO points that will go towards my new computer monitor I’m saving points for!

The second promo is a site called Poker Rewards, and it is another standard promotion. Once again, a nice easy 6000 PSO points to add to my collection. I’ll be getting my new computer monitor any day now!


Addictive little flash games


I’m a sucker for simple addictive games. If you know of any games that fit under this category, then post them in the comments because I love simple but addictive games. Here’s one that got me on this line of thinking: Poom. Its such a nice elegant little game!


My New Computer


It finally dawned on me to put up the specs for my brand spanking new computer system that I got this past weekend. I bought it at Memory Express – which is a store I was really impressed with. The store featured amazingly good prices, friendly staff, a nice clean wide open atmosphere … and had all the parts I wanted!

Here are the specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 motherboard
Micron Original 512 MB PC 3200 DDR ram
Seagate 200 GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive
MSI NX 6600GT-TD128E video card
BenQ 16×16 DVD+/- RW DL PRO optical drive
Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu CPU cooler
Antec Sonata case with 380 watt power supply
Panasonic 1.44 floppy drive

The package cost me about $1200 canadian which is a pretty darn good price for a fairly powerful system like this one. Its not top of the line, but top of the line is not something I think I’ll ever buy … its just too expensive.

The nicest thing about this setup is its the quietest computer I have ever had. With my music on or when I’m playing a video game, the normal volume sound coming out of my speakers renders the fan noise of my computer undectectable! It is unbelievable, and something that I am so happy with for this new system. Hooray!

So that’s my new system. Oh, and it runs World of Warcraft oh so nicely!


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